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About Us

Nisanci IT Solutions offers you high quality, low cost and working solutions for your software development needs after many years of extensive experience on enterprise Java technologies, software development processes, object-oriented systems and software architectures.

Our aim is to function on areas where we are best and develop fast, high-quality and innovative solutions. We simply create real value for your business. In addition to our enterprise software development services, we also aim to tunnel refined knowledge and work experience into IT sector with our training and mentoring sessions.

Our Team

We have developers with a multitude of skills on staff, so we can provide just the right developers for your specific project. Our talented developers allow you to scale up or down, with any skill sets that your projects require. Nisanci It Solutions is founded and managed by:
Gurkan Nisanci, MSc
Gurkan is a senior IT professional, specialized in JAVA technologies, with over 10+ years experience. He is an expert on object-oriented analysis, design, and programming with special focus on agile methodologies, test-driven development, refactoring, code cleanup and redesign. View Gurkan Nisanci's profile on LinkedIn