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Enterprise Software Development

Nisanci IT Solutions has extensive hands on experience in Java and J2EE implementations.

We offer various high-quality software development services including end-to-end solutions for your business requirements, supporting your technology choice and migration processes, helping you to find your way out of complex and risky software development projects.

We focus on tools and technologies with Java and J2EE. Below is a sample list of tools we used at our projects:

    Application Server

    • JBoss
    • Tomcat
    • Glassfish


    • Oracle
    • MsSql
    • MySql

    Web Framework

    • JSF
    • Spring
    • Struts

    View Technologies

    • FTLs
    • JSP

    Database Connectivity

    • JPA
    • Hibernate

    Test Tools

    • JMeter
    • Selenium

Consultancy Services

Nisanci IT Solutions provides tech consulting from the strategic thought process up to change implementation.

We help our customers to achieve success in the marketplace through the development of extraordinary solutions. The best practices and know-how we share with our customers help them attain considerable gains in business volume, profitability, quality, auditability, system performance and other key metrics.

Our consulting services include:

    • Java Application Performance Tuning
    • Java Application Development, Architecture and Design
    • Web Application Development
    • Application Migration
    • Project Management

Java Trainings

Nisanci IT Solutions can help you to quickly become familiar with the latest Java technologies.
Starting a new enterprise software development project using different J2EE technologies might require steep learning curve. Nisanci IT Solutions helps companies to learn about new Java tech stack by providing on-site Java trainings and one-on-one mentoring programs.